Search and Destroy: Is Narcissism a new dating trend?

Why are there so many narcissists in the dating world? For those who have been on the dating treadmill for a while, you surely have crossed the path of one of those. Psychological criminals or abusers, their misdeeds are hard to define or categorize. From pathological perverts to spoiled little boys, where is the limit?Continue reading “Search and Destroy: Is Narcissism a new dating trend?”

Should early stages of relationships be easy?

Asking men’s feedbacks about why things did not work in our relationships, one recurring thing I heard was “early relationships should be easy, things should come naturally and no hiccups should occur”. Originally, It seemed to make sense to me. So I asked them why they lost faith early in relationships and their answers wereContinue reading “Should early stages of relationships be easy?”

Are you a “Damsel in distress”?

This book was advised to with the argument that the author’s theory about man’s secret obsession’s absolutely right and that I’d learn a lot from it. The suggestion felt a bit strange but my curiosity and drive to learn are limitless. So I bought “The secret obsession” on the online store of James Bauer, theContinue reading “Are you a “Damsel in distress”?”

Towards a more advanced version of dating

Several weeks ago, I went through a strange break-up. Everything started in the best of ways. I thought I finally met THE Man. He was kind, supportive, helpful while having his own life, dedicated to his sport, with a career, a home, a car, he could handle his own thing. He was a mirror ofContinue reading “Towards a more advanced version of dating”